The specialty of medicine known as Integrative Medicine is a testament to the fact that no system of medicine can cure all patients of all diseases or ailments.  Understanding this fact leads to the acceptance of medical approaches that go beyond conventional (allopathic) medicine.  Specialists in Integrative Medicine may differ in the particular modalities used.  In my own practice, I focus on the following:

  • Good nutrition as the most basic requirement for good health
  • Homeopathic medicine, which uses highly diluted natural substances to  stimulate the healing process
  • Functional medicine, which focuses on the core imbalances underlying the development of chronic disease
  • Herbal therapy and nutritional supplements as a safer alternative to prescription drugs

I hope that you find this website helpful to your understanding of Integrative Medicine and to my own approach to healing.

Integrative Medicine

  • Integration of mainstream and complementary medical approaches
  • Integration of physical and mental-emotional aspects of the patient

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